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SBS2008 to SBS2008 Exchange Public Folder Replication

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  • SBS2008 to SBS2008 Exchange Public Folder Replication

    Hi all,

    Currently doing a SBS2008 to SBS2008 to new hardware (VM) and the Public Folder replication is very slow - may even be at a standstill.

    I've created the PF store on the destination server and used the MoveReplica script. The source server has a PF MDB of around 106MB - the destination has a MDB of of around 10MB.

    How can I check this is actually working? I've customised the schedule to replicate every 5 mins at 1024Kb

    Is there anything else I can do to speed it up - or check that's actually working.

    I've read a lot of stuff on replication over the years of doing migrations but this one always gets me pulling my hair out!!



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    Public folder replication is very slow. A week or more of nothing happening isn't unusual.
    The only way to know if something is happening is to look at get-publicfolderstatistics to see whether anything has moved.
    You can also look at message tracking to see if the messages are being moved between the servers.
    You can force individual folders to replicate in ESM, using the Send Content Now command - but that is a per folder option - if you have a deep tree then it will get tedious quickly.

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