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​Ex2010 can't load database.

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  • ​Ex2010 can't load database.

    Okay this is going to take some major explaining, so I apologise for the large amount of text.

    We have a client that has ignored all our advice and refused to get a backup device, 18 months after the install of their new server MacAfee deletes a file.

    C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\Mailbox\Mailbox Database 1770230085\E00.log\000c08eb.js

    Then we get a phone call that their email has stopped working, so knowing we canít just restore form a backup .

    We load up the Exchange Management Console and we get a limited options (screen shot attached) at this point slightly worried about having no backup and it isnít a simple problem we get all the users (~10) to backup outlook to a PST file so they still have their mails.

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    I trust you expressed your concerns in writing so they can't come back and claim it is all your fault?
    No picture attached above, though...

    You may be able to do a lossy recovery without having all the log files - lots more help available on - if the database file is intact- but your approach of backing up to a PST and creating a new database ( for "dial tone recovery") will probably be a better option.

    You will also want to change the AV scanner to exclude the mail databases and log files
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      Guide below and sources from Internet forums will help you only if your exchange database has a usual problem, but if your database is severely corrupted, then apply more powerful method

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      If you deleted the Exchange account, you may be able to recover the account if your operating system supports system restore and you only recently deleted the account. If too much time has passed you are less likely to have a restore point available.
      1. Open the system restore application. In Vista it is at Start Menu, Programs, Accessories, System Tools.
        Or enter %systemroot%\system32\rstrui.exe in Start search field or Start menu, Run.
      2. Pick a date just before the profile was deleted.
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