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Auto reply email before changing email domain

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  • Auto reply email before changing email domain

    Currently we are using Exchange 2010 Server.
    We are going to use Office365 and also use new email with new domain.
    How can i setup, that when external email is send to us, every email client will send and auto replies that reply "we are going to change to new email address on....." something like that.

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    This is a bad idea on so many counts.
    1. The users who receive it will ignore it.
    2. or The users who receive it will try and use the new domain before you are ready.

    Dealing with a domain name change notification is something that must happen AFTER the event. As part of your migration to Office365 you need to have a plan in place for dealing with email to the old domain. You cannot expect to catch everything automatically - there will be annual emails that are sent to the old domain for example.
    The best option is to add the old domain to your Office365 account and add the email addresses to the user accounts. As long as they are not the default email address all new email will go out with the new email domain on them. The use of the old domain will go away over time.
    I changed my domain name five years ago - still get legitimate email on the old domain occasionally.

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