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    Hello All I am in the middle of migrating 2007 to 2013 exhcange. I have it installed and I have created a test account on exchange 13. I can log in to owa internally and send/receive mail from others on the 2007 exchange. So far so good until. I tried to use outlook internally to connect to exchange 2013.. I get an error stating a cert issue and also it just loops about a password when trying to connect. Also I figured let me run the microsoft analyzer. I did that and it tells me that it cant for autodiscover. I have set the internal and external urls( they are differnet) I also put a srv record in dns but it stills says it cant find that. Please help any help at all is appreciated as I have been at this part for about 5 days.

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    You need to put in a trusted SSL certificate. If you have changed the URLs but the SSL certificate does not match then Outlook will not connect. The usual sign of that connection failure is repeating authentication prompts.
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      use a wildcard cert on the new server. *, works perfectly and a much better option then your old cert in 2007.