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POP3 Connector sometimes doesnt download the Emails to Exchange 2013.

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  • POP3 Connector sometimes doesnt download the Emails to Exchange 2013.

    Hi All,il

    I am using iGetMail Version 4 to download the emails from my ISP and then to push them to my Exchange Server 2013. So far everything was working fine until the last week which i notice that some emails even if i can see them on ISP my iGetMail didn't download them. What i did, is that i went to my POP3 Program (iGetMail), and i remove my account. Then i went to my private email and i send one email to my work email account. After that i open my POP3 Account on ISP and i saw the email, and also the email was bold which means that no one had read the email yet. I went back to my POP3 Connector and i create my account again....What i notice is that the email came to my Outlook and also the email under my POP3 ISP was show that was read.

    My question is :
    1. Does Exchange 2013 blocking emails that iGetMail is sending to him?

    2. Can someone knows another good POP3 Connector which i can use?

    Pambos Zeniou

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    I know this doesnt answer your question which you may even have resolved by now but why not use SMTP to deliver your email? Seems overkill to use Exchange 2013 with a protocol as aged and inflexible as POP.


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      I agree and was going to post the same. Why not use Exchange's native ability to receive your email directly?