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Outlook Anywhere, autodiscover and proxy settings

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  • Outlook Anywhere, autodiscover and proxy settings


    I am reading an article where I read that it is not necessary to configure the proxy settings within outlook ( ... )

    Either the client is in the domain lan, thus, outlook gets in touch with Exchange with the log on information and configure everything, or the client is non-domain-joined and here you only have to enter the email address and password .

    This is the article (very short):

    So, in which scenario do I have to type in the proxy settings in outlook ?

    Thanks in advance!
    Madrid (Spain).

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    When you configure the URL for the EXPR outlook provider.
    • The EXPR setting references the Exchange HTTP protocol that is used by Outlook Anywhere. This setting includes the external URLs for the Exchange services that you have enabled, which are used by clients that access Exchange from the Internet.


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      Exchange is moving away from this. The proxy settings are for RPC over HTTP (really MAPI over RPC over HTTP) communication (Outlook Anywhere). Since 2013 now supports MAPI over HTTP and Exchange 2016 will have that as the default, there's no need for the RPC proxy settings.

      In addition to that, if you have Autodiscover configured, if the proxy settings are needed, it will be configured automatically. So as long as the server and DNS is setup properly you shouldn't need to ever configure the proxy settings.

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        Thanks both,

        Sorry Mochiko, I did not understand your reply.

        Thanks JeremyW, very enlightening.
        Madrid (Spain).