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Mailflow between 2010/2013

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  • Mailflow between 2010/2013

    Have an existing 2010 exchange server and a new 2013 server that I have installed in a different AD site. I can telnet on 25 between the two. 2013 shows all the 2010 info in the EAC. I can access 2010 mailboxes through the 2013 owa. I created test user in 2013 and can send out, but I can't recieve in or send mail internally between the two servers. I have a barracuda on the edge at the 2010 site. Am i missing something? I thought once I installed a newer version that they would automatically proxy? if i go into 2010 queue viewer theres a queue with the AD site name with the messages

    the Delivery type is SMTP Relay to remote active directory site, the error i get is

    451.4.4.0 DNS query failed. The error was: SMTPSEND.DNS.NonExistentDomain; nonexistent domain

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    Loads of reasons for that. The main one is setting external DNS on the Send Connectors.
    Can you telnet to the other server using the FQDN and get a proper reply?
    Do you have restrictions on the receive connectors to limit traffic to only come from the appliance?

    It should automatically move the traffic through the servers without a problem, so it suggests the issue is with your existing server.

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      Can you send mail from user inside Exchange 2010 to a user inside Exchange 2013?
      If you can but, can't send mail from 2013 to 2010 i would check the following:

      On exchange 2010 in the default receive connector check that
      * permission group - Exchange Server, Exchange Users are checked
      * Authentication - Exchange server authentication and integrated windows authentication are checked

      I would also check i your barracuda is blocking email even tough you were able to telnet on port 25 to the servers