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  • Outlook Anywhere


    This is my first post on Petri and starting with question as stuck with Outlook Anywhere. Below is the scenario that we are working with and all the related steps been mentioned for Outlook Anywhere.

    1.DC with Exchange Server 2007 SP 1 Enterprise Installed (CAS, Hub Transport), the same is GCS on Windows 2003 enterprise server.

    2.Having Cluster Node A and Node B with Mailbox for switching over the services in case of failure of Node A to Node B vice e versa.

    3.Edge Transport Role in separate server in DMZ network.

    4.BES server with exchange 2007 enterprise.

    5.Cisco PIXs Firewall is configured.

    Currently ActiveSync, OWA is working very well. We have the external certificate from thawte and all the setup is working well.

    Now we are planning to add Outlook Anywhere and facing the problems as below…

    1.I have installed rpc over http components on CAS server and enabled Outlook Anywhere.

    2.Checked the ValidPorts and all automatically configured and they are okay.

    3.On Mailbox I have check all the registry settings for MSExchangeIS / MSExchangeSA and added NTDS/ Parameters / NSPI interface protocol sequences with data ncacn_http: 6004 on CAS.

    4.Telnet is working from DC / Node A / Node B to all the ports 6001, 6002, 6004 and the result is ncacn_http/1.0.

    5.I am able to browse internally and externally with https : // external.domain / rpc /rpcproxy.dll and asking me the credential, after putting the username and password it shows the blank page which is correct.

    6.When I browse internally and externally https : // external.domain / rpc it asked me username and password and keep asking the same, lastly give access denied error.

    7.Rpcping command with –E give the Success “Completed 1 calls in 100 ms” (in all servers)

    8.But rpcping command with 6001 , 6002 , 6004 without –E take 20 minutes and give error of Exception 1818 (in all servers)

    9.Checked test exchange connectivity website which shows all clear except pinging to endpoint and gives the error of 1818 1818.

    I don’t know what else is missing and why this is not working….
    Any help to sort this problem out. I have check many links and howto's but dont know what i am missing.

    B Patel.

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    Re: Outlook Anywhere

    what happens if you just try to connect using outlook anywhere ? is it failing ?
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      Re: Outlook Anywhere

      yes, i have tried and its failing.

      Give the error " The connection to the Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action"

      After this keep asking the username and password.

      RPCPing -E on external ISP / Laptop is giving success but RPCPing without -E on ports gives the error exception 1818.