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  • Issues with Autodiscovery


    I have a big company which consists of 3 different entities. One entity was sold. Currently they still use our ActiveDirectory / Domain Services. They moved to office 365 and are not using our Exchange server anymore. They had a problem that the autodiscovery was pointing the mail settings to our exchange server. I removed there domain from accepted domains and also disabled there mailboxes. They were working fine. After a month they experienced the same problem. What could be the problem?

    I was suspecting that since they use our Domain controller we have a CNAME of autodiscover which points to our Exchange Server this is causing the problem.

    How can this be solved? Is there a way which it can be solved from the Server side?

    Thanks & Regards,

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    If they are still using your domain for Active Directory, then they will still query your domain for Autodiscover.
    That is because Outlook will always query the domain first.
    The CNAME entry in your internal DNS will have nothing to do with it.

    Are the accounts mail disabled? If not, then that is probably some of the problem. Outlook will not look outside if the account is mail enabled.

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      Thanks for your reply.

      Yes the accounts are disabled. They where working, but suddenly something happened. Could be some kind of retention policy regarding this although the mailboxes are still showing in the 'Disconnected mailboxes'.

      What can be done? Does this need to be solved from client side, like stopping autodiscover to hit the domain?

      Regards & Thanks,