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Contacts syncronization in mobile devices

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  • Contacts syncronization in mobile devices


    I'm the Exchange 2010 Administrator of a customer. He has asked me to do something I find very difficult, and I don't know how to afford it, so I need help to achieve the things that can be done, and give him a correct explanation about the ones that cannot.

    With a Powershell script (I can post it if neccesary), a contact folder is created in some users mailboxes, with some contact information from de GAL. So to speak, the customer says which contacts and what information from them has to be in that contact folders. The folder is equal for all the users who receive it.

    So, those users can access their folder from Outlook, and syncronize with their tablets, Iphones, etc. But here is the problem:

    Suppose first that one of the users, makes some changes in the generated contact folder, from Outlook or from his mobile device: One, adds another telephone number to one contact, other change the name of the contact itself.. and so on.

    A new employee enters the company, and his data has to be added to that contact folders. The customer wants:

    - All changes made by users in their contact folder, has to had precedence over the one that they are receiving: so if a new telephone number is added, that number has to be respected when the new folder comes. Or the name of the contact changed, has to be mantained for that user.
    - New contacts, has to be written to outlook contact folders.

    So to speak, what he wants is to make a merge, between the existing folder and the new folder, without duplicities.

    Is it possible? How?

    Thank you very much.

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    Hi again,

    I have talk with technical personel, and the specifications of the job was not what I had understood. Here is what they really need.

    The Powershell script create a contact folder in each user mailbox. What the customer wants is that that folder be read only for users, so the individual user can't modify any existing contact, nor delete or add new ones. When the script executes again, it delete de folder and recreate with the most recent version of the GAL, so that is not the problem. The problem is how to achieve the read only properties for each user.

    Any idea?


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      Originally posted by fjgaspar View Post
      . The problem is how to achieve the read only properties for each user.
      Not possible.
      A user owns their mailbox. They can do anything that they like to it.

      You are basically talking about a CRM, Exchange is not a CRM. Look for a CRM solution that will synchronise with the mobile device address book.


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