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EX 2003/2007 cant create relay connector

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  • EX 2003/2007 cant create relay connector

    I have a mixed environment consisting of a win2k3/ex2k3 & win2k8/ex2k7. I want to be able to relay for a client in case their server goes down (backup mx) and I have done this several times in the past with ex2k3 but now that I've added the 2007 box, nothing is working . I have to create the connector on my 2003 box but every time I test the connection I get a "RCPT TO response: 550 5.7.1 Unable to relay for [email protected]".

    Can anyone please share some insight or suggestions?

    Thanks greatly in advance.


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    Re: EX 2003/2007 cant create relay connector

    Since you have not posted any information regarding your configuration I have no idea how to help you, but why not using a relay receive connector on Exchange 2007 instead of E2k3?


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      Re: EX 2003/2007 cant create relay connector

      You will have to add the domain as an external relay domain in Exchange 2007.
      However I am not a fan of using Exchange in this manner. By doing so you can't use recipient filtering, which I find drops a very large percentage of emails that most servers receive. That then means your server could get blacklisted for causing backscatter from their domain, because you can't reject email for non-existent recipients on their domain.

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