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High memory usage for Store.exe

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  • High memory usage for Store.exe

    the store.exe take more than 5.5 GB from memory without release and VM (Virtual memory) 5.5.
    some time go hang server..

    Server Specifications:
    OS: windows 2003 SP2 x64
    Memory: 8 GB
    CPU: 3GHz Quad
    Data on SAN
    Exchange 2007 SP2
    Windows server is fully updated

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    Re: High memory usage for Store.exe

    It's normal, store.exe process will take all memory it can.

    What is specifically your problem? Does users report loss of functionailty, does mail not arrive recipients or something else?


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      Re: High memory usage for Store.exe

      Hi Bustanji, Fischfra is right. Exchange is designed to eat and eat your resources so it will always have high memory usage.

      It is designed however to release resources when other applications need it.

      So the question is, is it causing you a problem? Or are you just concerned.

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        Re: High memory usage for Store.exe

        sometimes go hang with low virtual memory..
        no response from server


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          Re: High memory usage for Store.exe

          What else is on the server?
          While store.exe is designed to use as much memory as it needs to, this shouldn't lead to an unstable server. The most common cause of memory not be released is third party interference. AV or Antispam that is integrated in to Exchange is the most common cause.

          Disabling those products is not enough to show that they are not responsible, because of the way they integrate. They have to be removed and the server rebooted to clear them out completely.

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            Re: High memory usage for Store.exe

            i have Forefront for exchange 2007 server