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External clients Autodiscover Fails.It will not find .local mail server

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  • External clients Autodiscover Fails.It will not find .local mail server

    I have just inherited a new organization which has an in internal domain named abc.local and external website/email domain of abc & xyz are of course just place holders. When an external client try to use Autodiscover from within Outlook or a Mobile phone it will not automatically connect. It prompts for a username/password. The only way to get it to work is to enter the local domain\user name such as abc.local\username.
    I have also tried the following....
    I just tried changing the UPN as described above but it did not work.The message I get is "Authentication failed"
    to make it work I must manually change the auto filled in "Domain\username field" from "\johnsmith" to abc\jsmith" It will not accept the full user name with is used in the email address. The user logon for the domain is first Initial, Last name.
    Is there a SIMPLE way to fix this? Or can someone tell me Specifically how to correct this so Autodiscover will work correctly?
    What next?
    Any help is truly appreciated.....

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    You haven't said what you did to the UPN.
    Having the change the authentication isn't unusual, and once it has been done once it should stick. If the clients are not members of your domain then it has no way of knowing what the domain should be, so takes a guess. The domain information is not passed by Autodiscover.

    Changing the UPN to match the email address should work, but the user may have to still change the username.

    As for mobile devices - Autodiscover is very hit and miss there - more miss than hit. I tell clients to expect it to fail, and to have manual instructions issued instead. That isn't a fault of Exchange, but the poor implementations of ActiveSync by the various vendors. Windows Mobile (or whatever its name is this week) and Blackberry OS 10 are the most reliable ActiveSync Autodiscover clients in my experience. Anything iOS is the least reliable - with Android varying depending on the vendor.

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