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Multiple Exchange 2007 Standard Edition installation for one domain

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  • Multiple Exchange 2007 Standard Edition installation for one domain

    I have 3 branches i.e. London, Liverpool and Wales
    A WAN connects the 3 sites together
    The Acitve Directory, Firewall, DNS and DHCP, Exchange 2007 (standard edition) Server are all based in London.
    Liverpool and Wales remote sites have no servers and all their workstations connects to London for all IT services including AD/Emails.
    There is no firewall based in remote sites but only in London as the remote sites connects to London
    Now what I am trying to achieve is some fault tolerance for Exchange 2007 (standard edition) server in London
    Understandably if the line between London and remote sites goes down, then remote sites cannot access emails.
    Can I install another Exchange 2007 (standard edition) server in Liverpool and another in Wales and achieve fault tolerance in case Exchange server in London crashes?
    Will these servers at remote sites send/recv emails when line to London is down.
    Also do I need to install separate firewalls at remotes sites to map external ips for exchange server?

    Or do I need to install Exchange 2007 (enterprise edition) and setup clustering amongst the 3 exchange servers?

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    Re: Multiple Exchange 2007 Standard Edition installation for one domain

    Propbably to much questions for a forum reply. You better start reading about the fault tolerance concepts for Exchange 2007 or hire a consultant to develop a concept for your needs.


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      Re: Multiple Exchange 2007 Standard Edition installation for one domain

      Before thinking about setting up Exchange at each site, get a firewall in place at the 2 branch offices (you can't be serious about not having one, can you? ) and get a DC at each site.

      I would have suggested preferably an RODC (Server 200 at the branch offices, to avoid potential cross-site inconsistencies in the event of a WAN failure. But since you're intending to deploy Exchange at each site, you'd need a standard DC.

      Hire a consultant as suggested - this is not a simple matter. Maybe drop Sembee a PM to ask for a quote - he's an Exchange MVP so he knows his stuff. If your consultant advises against Exchange at each site, then deploy RODCs at the branch offices.

      If your WAN connection goes down, then keep in mind no mail is going to flow anyway, all your users would have access to are the mails which have already arrived. Much as they do now, if Outlook is configured to cache the mailbox.
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        Re: Multiple Exchange 2007 Standard Edition installation for one domain

        A good Exchange consultant is what you need here, because Exchange 2007 high availability has a lot of options. The main question you have to ask is whether you can tolerate any downtime.

        With Exchange 2007 some data replication can be done with standard edition, but if you are looking at deploying clustering, particularly over a WAN, you really need to get a consultant in, it can be tricky to deploy.

        The major problem you are going to have is bandwidth. Here in the UK, unless you pay a lot of cash, bandwidth outside of London is tight.

        There isn't enough information in this question to be able to answer it, so generic answers is all that can be offered. To design a solution for you would take a good or more, that is without deployment, and to be blunt, that isn't something I am prepared to do for free, on a forum.

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