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making exchange server live

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  • making exchange server live

    Hi ,

    I would like to make a exchange server live , so that we can receive the mails from outside as well as we can send the mails out side.

    Here I made some steps , can any one suggest if I miss something or if i am wrong in any steps

    1. Purchase the a domain name ( ) from any hosting service provider ( or )
    2. Create A Record and DNS record for that domain.
    3. Point the SMTP address of my local office static IP configured in my router in hosting page.
    4. Open port 25 in my router and forward it to my exchange server
    5. Configure the domain inside the exchange server
    6. Take the SMTP sending service from third party provider
    7. Configure it in send connector
    8. Configure receive connector
    9. Configure the DNS record in local DC
    10. Check the mail traffic


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    Hi ,

    This is basically for one of my client.

    We do have domain hosting service with "Google Apps" but now we want to host the same service with our exchange server.

    Can anyone tell me , how can i stop the Google Apps services completely and configure the settings in my exchange server.



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      Here's what I think would be the easiest for you:
      1. Go through the Exchange Deployment Guide
      2. Follow the instructions it generates for you.
      3. Open firewall for Exchange service (25, 443, etc)
      4. Get all users connected to the Exchange server
      5. Update MX records to point to the Exchange public DNS name
      6. Import the data from GoogleApps into mailboxes

      But this is really just a rough outline. I don't think anyone can give you specific steps without seeing the environment and the requirements. Too many variables.

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        Originally posted by kathy View Post
        Hi ,

        This is basically for one of my client.
        Am I the only person scared witless at the thought of an IT company / consultancy who takes on work without knowing how to do it? If I was the client, and I found this thread, I would be reviewing the contract with a view to at least termination, if not compensation for mis-selling of "professional" services.

        Setting up an Exchange server is not rocket science, with or without the involvement of Google Apps - Kathy, what training and experience do you have in this?
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          I agree. It's a little disconcerting that this individual is doing this work for a client and asking a question as elementary as this as to how to go about performing the work. It's one thing if this were a home lab and this was a learning experience but it's another matter altogether to be doing this as paid work for a client. I certainly don't mean to sound disparaging but Kathy is sorely out of her depths here.