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  • Anti Spam Software

    Hi ,

    We are using Exchange 2013 Server . We are getting lots of spam mails in every mailbox.

    Is there a way , that i can stop those spam messages to come in mailbox without installing third party software..or else is there any free anti spam software available in market ..

    If i need to go for license software , which would be the best suitable for exchange 2013 server.

    Thank you...

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    There are no free options other than what Exchange provides that can be installed directly on to the Exchange server.
    Therefore you are looking at a paid product.
    However making a recommendation is impossible - because what works for one site will not always work for another.
    When it comes to anti-spam products, the question isn't what it lets in, but what it blocks. A product that blocks everything could be seen as successful, because it blocks all of the spam. The fact that it blocks all of the legitimate email as well is the problem.
    I have seen almost every product work very well and similar almost every product be unsuccessful. Every company is different.

    Decide whether you want to have something on the Exchange server itself, or use a third party service. There are pros and cons for each.
    Once you have decided on that, look at the major players and get pricing to further narrow down the list. Then evaluate. There is nothing to be evaluation, because you need to see how it works for you. Insist on a free trial, not a "buy now and we will give you your money back if not satisfied".

    There is a lot of choice out there, but I cannot make any single recommendation.

    Simon Butler
    Exchange MVP

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      Hi Sembee ,

      Thanks for your reply..

      I want to confirm that , create a SCL rule is the only solution from the microsoft for exchange to prevent spam or is there any other solution too..



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        Since you're ignoring the info above, I feel this is reasonable.
        I can give you a free 30 day trial subscription to Trend Micro Hosted Email Security if you wish.
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