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Exchange 2007 and AD Sites Deployment

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  • Exchange 2007 and AD Sites Deployment

    Hi Friends:

    My basic requirement is a head office and branch office deployment. I woud like to place 1 domain controller in head office and another domain controller in the bracnh office. The windows on all the severs are windows 2003.

    the exchange 2007 setup comprise of 1 HUB, 1 CAS, 1MAILBOX. Its present in the Head office.

    I would like the exchange setup to use the head office AD and incase a failure happens it should use the bracnh office AD.

    I would like the BRANCH Office users to authenicate to the branch office AD unless the branch office ad goes down.

    Kindly help me out with the particular configuration. Is creating sites and services recommended?

    The link between head office and branch office is at a better speed.


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    Re: Exchange 2007 and AD Sites Deployment

    So where do I send my bill?

    Exchange configuration over a multi-site deployment is not that straight forward and requires extensive planning and consultancy. That isn't something that you are going to get on this site for free.

    Sites and Services is documented on Technet, as are the failover capabilities of Exchange. You may also want to look at third party software such as DoubleTake and NeverFail.

    However do note that live failover isn't cheap, and you will be running multiple databases if you want email local to the users.

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