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    We are using exchange 2013 server , I have added a new mail domain in my exchange server.I have also configured the email address policy inside exchange.

    Now I want to create a new mail box for a user in that new domain.


    existing domain.
    user mailbox : [email protected]

    New Domain :
    email address policy: [email protected]
    User mailbox: [email protected]

    So , what could be the way to create a mailbox user for that new domain , so that user can send email from his outlook as that new domain: [email protected] also able to receive mails for that account.

    If i go to the recipients and create a mail box , it gives me option only to create a mailbox for a default domain , not for the new domain..

    So what could be the solution..

    I found this link , it mention only how to add multiple domain..

    Thank you..
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    You have a few options.

    1. If this is just a single user that needs this then edit the mailbox properties to make [email protected] the reply address (you can also add the email address as necessary). You will need to uncheck the "Automatically update email addresses.." check box to make these changes.
    2. Use email address policies to apply the proper email addresses to users based on AD container or certain properties.

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