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    Trying to wrap my head around Microsoft licensing for Exchange...

    I am looking at Exchange 2010 Standard (upgrading from 2003). Need about 500 mailboxes. We have about 300 workstations. Do we need CALs for each workstation AND user? One or the other? Why does this have to be so convoluted?!?!

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    Re: Exchange licensing

    Usually the server has to have enough "cals" to support the number of clients (workstations) that connect to it (per seat).

    Usually you have to have an Exchange CAL for each mail box user.

    Who ever is your vendor for MS Licensing and software purchases should be able to assist you, if not find another vendor!


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      Re: Exchange licensing

      No one on this site is qualified to answer your licencing questions. Only Microsoft can do that.
      Remember the three rules of Microsoft licencing.

      1. Get it in writing.
      2. Get at least three opinions, as someone will change their mind.
      3. Whichever is the most expensive option, will be the correct one.

      With regards to Exchange, the usual rule of thumb is number of users = number of CALs.
      However they are accessing the mailboxes, it needs to be licenced for each user.
      Therefore if you have users accessing mailboxes with any combination of Blackberry, iPhone, POP3, Outlook, Outlook Anywhere, OWA, then they need to be licenced. They only need a CAL for themselves, no matter how many ways they use.

      If you have 300 workstations, and no remote access at all, no Blackberry, OWA, Outlook Anywhere or POP3, then you might be ok with 300 CALs. However only Microsoft can answer that question.

      Remember this - if you are audited and asked why you licenced in the way that you are, you will be laughed at if you say that you told it was ok by some random on a forum.

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        Re: Exchange licensing

        Originally posted by Sembee View Post
        Remember this - if you are audited and asked why you licenced in the way that you are, you will be laughed at if you say that you told it was ok by some random on a forum.
        And that includes being told by an Exchange MVP.

        With that number of users, I would imagine you have a volume licence in place. In which case, ask your vendor to arrange for one of their licensing consultants to come and meet with you to discuss your requirements. I can't imagine they'll charge for that, since you'll be buying a stack of licences.

        To reiterate Simon's point - get it in writing. While an email from the vendor would carry some weight, a printed statement signed by one of their consultants would cover you far more.

        The reason that Simon says none of us are qualified to answer your question, other than our recommendations not providing you with any cover, is that it would be very difficult for us to accurately assess your situation in this thread. Even for a small company, the meeting with our VL consultant lasted just over 4 hours to go through every option. And even though I already had several years experience of dealing with Microsoft licensing, I still learn something new every time.
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