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  • Help with Email Address Policy

    I need some help with a new email address policy. I'm looking for a way to create 1 policy that will have all of our corporate email addresses in it.

    I need the primary to be [email protected], and I need also need [email protected] (secondary)

    How can I accomplish this in one command? I know I want

    SMTP:%g%[email protected] and smtp:%[email protected]

    new-emailaddresspolicy -name 'test' -enabledemailaddresstemplates 'SMTP:%g%[email protected]' xxxxxxx

    I don't know how to connect what comes after?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Re: Help with Email Address Policy

    You know you can always use the GUI in order to find out the right command, right?

    Here is what comes as a example for you:
    new-EmailAddressPolicy -Name 'Company' -IncludedRecipients 'MailboxUsers' -ConditionalCustomAttribute1 'Company' -Priority 'Lowest' -EnabledEmailAddressTemplates 'SMTP:%g%[email protected]','smtp:%[email protected]'

    Btw. %m is the mailbox alias not the loginname onyl fits if both attributes are equal and of course for the conditions you have to set the right ones.
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      Re: Help with Email Address Policy

      So cool this is helping, the issues I got hung up with was the comma between the addresses.

      Do you know what the variable for the userloginname is?