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public folder store and Public folder DB

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  • public folder store and Public folder DB

    we have exchange 2007 on w2k3 sp2... question...

    i am migrating information from one exchange 2k7 server to another exchagne 2k7 server both win2k3 sp2

    is there a difference between a public folder store and a public folder database?
    if so do i need to create a new DB or do i just move it.. on my other server i created a db store not a PF database.

    thanks to all who reply

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    Re: public folder store and Public folder DB

    You can't move databases between servers.
    Therefore you would have to create a database on the second server then replicate the content across.

    In Exchange 2007 you have two things with Storage - a Storage Group, which contains the Databases. A store and a database are the same thing.

    With Exchange 2003 and older versions, the store was the combination of the two database files (priv and edb). However Microsoft have done away with the two files in Exchange 2007 and later, so you only have one. Therefore the terms no longer have any difference and are used interchangeably.

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