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Repairing an Exch 2007 node

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  • Repairing an Exch 2007 node

    Hello folks, hopefully you can help me figure out if this is the best way to go about this.

    Here is the situation. We have two 2008 servers running Exchange 2007 as mailbox servers in an cluster. On both servers, the OS is installed on one RAID array (as drive C) and the Exchange stuff is on a second array (as drive E). One of the servers' Exchange RAID arrays has blown. Email services failed over to the second server and are running fine, and I can access the OS on the "down" server. The second partition which contained the Exchange installation and mailbox stores is gone and does not show up in disk management etc.

    What I'm wondering is: I have replaced the controller and created a new array. Can I just restore the contents of that partition from a backup? We have a complete backup of that partition from about a week prior to the failure. Will I need to re-seed it after restoring or will it automatically copy the current stores from the working server to the now-passive first one?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Re: Repairing an Exch 2007 node

    I suspect you will need to do a recovery using the relevant exchange methodologies. Simply restoring your last backup won't help - you'll find the active node will be out of sync.

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      Re: Repairing an Exch 2007 node

      Well, this just became more interesting. Turns out that Backup Exec was not backing up various files within the Program Files\Exchange Server\BIN folder, including all of the Exchange service .exe files. And of course it wasn't throwing any errors or saying that any files were skipped either. So, at this point I'm a bit stuck.

      Is there any way to do a repair install of Exchange 2007, which would effectively replace any missing files but not remove the configuration?


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        Re: Repairing an Exch 2007 node

        Why were you backing up Exchange program files anyway?
        Waste of time. Exchange cannot and should not be backed up in that way. Backup Exec would be unable to restore Exchange to the position that it was that way, simply because the other server has been running.

        Simply install Exchange from the command line using the recoverserver switch. All of the configuration information is in the domain.

        I think some reading of the Technet documentation on operations and disaster recovery planning is required, because it seems like you aren't backing up Exchange correctly.

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