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2003 to 2010 cross-org migration

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  • 2003 to 2010 cross-org migration

    Hi guys, It might seems a common question, but my situation is a little different than usual.

    The architecture is quite standard for a cross-org migration.
    Source ORG Exchange 2003 SP2
    Target ORG Exchange 2010

    Everything is working fine. Trust, AD Migration tool, password migration ecc. ecc.

    My problem is: months ago I tryed a lab migration from Exchange 2003 to Exhcnage 2007. Because I need to preserve the source environment as it is, I used the "Get-Mailbox | Move-Mailbox" technique.
    I got a copy of every mailbox, but my source mailboxes were untouched.

    Now Microsoft seems to have removed the move-mailbox cmdlet, and has introduced the new "New-MoveRquest" cmdlet.

    It works fine, but

    1. Creates a linked user mailbox. Maybe this is a my mistake with the dummy users I was migrating, but it's annoying.

    2. Changes che source user account mailbox attributes.

    I really need to replicate che results of the "Get-Mailbox | Move-Mailbox" technique.
    There's a way to do it?

    Thank you and please be patient with my english. I'm a bit out of exercise

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    Re: 2003 to 2010 cross-org migration

    The most common mistake is creating the accounts on the new domain first.
    The process for the cross forest mailbox move will do all of that for you - it is documented on Technet. It all has to be done from the command line, and rather than push as it was with the previous versions, it is pull - do all done from Exchange 2010.

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      Re: 2003 to 2010 cross-org migration

      I found a interesting article regarding cross-org migrations with several links inside, maybe it will help in your task: