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  • Delete logs (need space)

    Hello guys,

    I have a problem, my logs is steadily increasing.

    I have Veritas Backup and with full backups the logs donīt delete , with the windows backup donīt delete the logs and i have only 10Gb.

    Any sugestions !!!


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    Re: Delete logs (need space)

    Are these the IS logs or other logs used by the server?


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      Re: Delete logs (need space)

      it would help if you told us which logs you meant.

      I mean for instance, you can safely delete the Windowsupdate.log file.
      But if you wanted to delete the Exchange logs for instance, that wouldn't be such a good idea.
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        Re: Delete logs (need space)

        You don't delete the logs unless you are completely sure that Exchange doesn't require them.
        Does Exchange report that a backup is successful?
        Do the backup applications or event viewer show an error when flushing the logs?

        This article from Microsoft explains how to find out which logs are required and which are not, meaning that you may well be able to remove some of those log files manually.

        Long term, you need to establish why the logs are not being flushed. You may have a problem somewhere with the server.

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