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Edge transport server requirement for Exchange 2010

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  • Edge transport server requirement for Exchange 2010

    Is an Edge Transport server required for Exchange 2010? It is mentioned in many places in Microsoft's documentation, and obviously required to be on a separate physical server from the other roles. However, as I worked through the Exchange 2010 Pre-Deployment Analyzer tool, I noticed a statement that said, "if you're not going to use an Edge Transport tool, you configure a Send Connector instead."

    We are currently Exchange 2003, single server, single domain environment, and we wish to transition to Exchange 2010. We already have an mx spam appliance in front of our current server. We would like to avoid buying a second server for the 2010 environment (in addition to the 2008 we'll already have to purchase), so we'd like to set up 2010 without a separate Edge Transport server. However, I can't find any more concrete evidence that we can run successfully without an Edge Transport server than just the one reference mentioned above.

    Any guidance/previous experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Re: Edge transport server requirement for Exchange 2010

    you do not HAVE to have an Edge Server.

    I've recently done some of the Ex2007 cbt nugget stuff, so for once I feel like I may know what I'm talking about

    The Edge role should be outside of the domain, and uses Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM) to communicate back into the network. This is why it must be separate to any of the other roles, which all require AD communication, and should sit within your green zone.

    EDGE usually has your anti-spam, antivirus. Traffic will be routed from the mailbox server, via the hub-transport, to the Edge server, then on into the world.

    If you don't have an Edge server, for whatever reason, then you can also install the anti-virus and anti-spam stuff on the hub/transport role.
    In this isntance, mail will just go from mailbox to hub, then out into the world.
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      Re: Edge transport server requirement for Exchange 2010

      Sembee (Exchange Guru ) has said several times that an edge server is a waste of a license -- search this forum for more details
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        Re: Edge transport server requirement for Exchange 2010

        If you already have an appliance, then an Edge server is a waste. It is duplicating the functionality.

        Edge is there for one thing only - message hygiene. That is done by your appliance. It is not necessary, despite the way that Microsoft's documentation reads.

        If we did everything the Microsoft way, you would also have a TMG server, and seven domain controllers.

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