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Exchange MDB Store 2007 delay Mail

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  • Exchange MDB Store 2007 delay Mail

    STORE.EXE process take alot of memory (around 96% + / -)
    I checked some forums about it some say it's fine
    It does not look good when your process vacuum your memroy around 7.8 GB
    It did not bother me until users complained about mail delays, which lasted around 50
    -190 Min every mail
    I read an article from Microsoft which indicates the same problem case of "liquidity process"
    Their answer was looking for the update HOTFIX Unfortunately all in vain
    Are updates ROLLUPS can help solve the problem?
    Does Exchange 2007 sp3 can solve th problem?
    The system is WINDOWS SERVER 2007 SP2
    XEON E5405 2CPU
    8 GB
    64 BIT
    Here are links which are attached photos of PROCEXP
    When user send mail it passes anti-spam filtering system outside of ATERA
    By testing with them mail arrive on thier server on time unfortunately our mail server refuses to serve him and always inform their
    Try again later and finally getting the mail
    Best Regards

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    Re: Exchange MDB Store 2007 dealy Mail

    Ok, to give you at least a answer.

    The store process is designed to do this, which means it will take all memory which is available. Most of the times there is no problem with this, but as always it depends.

    Regarding to service packs and rollups, you will get the most answers if you have already a up to date system which means you should have the latest service packs and rollups installed.

    And last but not least you should be more detailed with your problem. What I understood is, you have a E2k7 server which is sending and receiving mails using a external anti-spam relay.
    Somewhere between your server and the anti-spam relay is a delay in delivering mails.

    Is it only inbound or also outbound?
    Is it for all users or just a few?
    Is it from all senders or just a few?
    How is your E2k7 box configured regarding send and receive connectors?
    What is the bandwidth between your E2k7 box and the anti-spam relay?
    What is the error message that anti-spam relay is getting?

    and so on and so on ....
    I think you get the picture.


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      Re: Exchange MDB Store 2007 dealy Mail

      Don't assume that the memory usage is directly correlated to the queue delay. What other steps have you performed to troubleshoot the delay? Have you run the BPA tool?


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        Re: Exchange MDB Store 2007 delay Mail

        Exchange 2007 has the troubleshooting tool built in as well which can give you pointers to the problem. If you are sending lots of email then it could be related to transport, particularly if hard disk space is tight in the installation drive.

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