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Storing sigs on exchange

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  • Storing sigs on exchange

    Hi all

    just a general question really.

    Is there any particular reason or story behind why exchange lacks this feature? Seems straight forward enough in my head.

    Everytime I configure a client outlook I have to re do their sig. Not hard, and there are 3rd party apps to do this but to me it's a fundamental feature that is missing.

    Maybe 2010 has it? Never heard/read of anyone doing this.


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    Re: Storing sigs on exchange

    Traditionally, signatures are down to the client rather than the server. Outlook and Outlook Express can both be configured with multiple signatures, with one being chosen based upon rules. And it may also be desirable to use a different signature when using Outlook on your desktop compared to when using your BlackBerry while away from the office.

    Making the signature the responsibility of the client lets the user control their signature. If you are looking to centrally manage signatures then there are products out there to do this such as Exclaimer.

    To overcome the issue you mention of having to reconfigure Outlook, presumably when the user uses a different PC, then use a roaming profile or folder redirection. If on the other hand you keep on having to redo their Outlook profile on their PC, then that implies there's a problem somewhere.
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      Re: Storing sigs on exchange

      You can do server-side sigs in Exchange 2010 using Transport Rules, and pull in AD attributes to populate them.

      Exclaimer as suggested above is a good third party alternative.

      Outlook has client-side sigs because it is not exclusively used with Exchange servers. A POP or IMAP user of Outlook needs client-side sig control.
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        Re: Storing sigs on exchange

        For a 3rd party signature application, you could also look at PolicyPatrol

        Transport rules work, but don't give you the richness of a product designed for the job
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          Re: Storing sigs on exchange

          Thanks all.

          I know about 3rd party apps like Exclaimer, I am actively using them already.

          I can see why the need for client side sigs are required (like for POP/IMAP etc) but I still dont see why this cannot be built into Exchange.

          From what I can see everything that can be configured on a client should be able to be moved to the Exchange Server.

          At least in 2010 they are moving in the right direrction