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Exchange 2007 Address List Segregation

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  • Exchange 2007 Address List Segregation

    I have been looking into this topic for a few days now, and have read most of the Google found links on the topic, but I am looking for more information. I am currently in the discovery phase of this project, so I have not implemented anything.

    Our scenario is that we have multiple corp entities rolled into our main company. Due to regulations, some of them must exist separately, however, due to budget considerations, we have them in a "hosted" environment for our E2K7 deployment.

    We have one forest, with one child domain. We have a total of six companies, and one company needs to separate Address lists as well, and this is also the company with the child domain, and Blackberry and Droid users.

    For the most part, this should be cut and dry.

    I plan on creating Address Lists for each company, and the company with multiple, the owner has a requirement of field personnel segregation from our corp office personnel; so it will get at least two AL's.

    But, as mentioned, I have my Blackberry users (only 15 of them, but of those 15, 5 are our corporate execs), and I have my Droid users (also only 15, three techies, and the others general users that need access to both the corp address list and the field address list).

    Easy right?

    So, now hat this post sounds like a Windows Exam question, here is the meat:

    1. Has anyone found a way to set certain users (lets say the techies) to be able to see all Address lists successfully? Or more than one?

    I found a similar post: 35727 and I am looking for real world experience on this.


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    Re: Exchange 2007 Address List Segregation

    This is Microsoft's guide on the topic, which I found to be quite good.

    As far as GAL/AL visibility goes, it all comes down to permissions.

    A user will see the first GAL they have permissions to read, and all AL's they have permissions to read. So just assign the permissions for your techies to the GAL you want and all of the ALs you want to see and that should do the trick for you.
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