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Don't deliver to certain members of a distribution group?

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  • Don't deliver to certain members of a distribution group?

    Morning all

    More a hypothetical rather than a "we need to do this", but it seems to me to be something that could be useful.

    Company X has 100 employees. They run Exchange and Outlook (versions unspecified, unless this scenario is only possible with a particular version). They have a distribution group called AllStaff with the address [email protected]

    It's John's birthday and Jane needs to send an email to everybody except John telling them to gather at 4pm before John is called in to his surprise party. Jane can't use the AllStaff distribution group because John will see the email too and the surprise will be ruined. She also doesn't want to manually enter all 98 addresses (since she wouldn't choose to send the email to herself ).

    So basically, does anybody know of a way to get Exchange to deliver a message to all of the members of a distribution group except for a specified set of recipients?

    I've not dedicated a great deal of time to looking into this, although I have done some research and haven't turned anything up. All I've found is how to exclude addresses from a dynamic distribution group. As I say, there's no software restrictions other than using Exchange as the server and Outlook as the client, any currently supported version (ie 2003, 2007 or 2010). Perhaps somebody knows of a 3rd party extension to Exchange that would allow this behaviour?

    Gareth Howells

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    Re: Don't deliver to certain members of a distribution group?

    Surely the easiest way is to expand the group (click the plus sign) and delete John (or whoever)
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