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Internal Email Problem

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  • Internal Email Problem

    Hi guys,

    I am having problems with one of my sites are running SBS 2008 SP2 w/ Exchange 2007 SP2. There are a couple of users that have laptops that they use at home and these laptops have emails setup as pop3 and not through the server/exchange.

    When users in the office try to send an email to the laptop users email address, the user does not recieve it on his laptop but does recieve it in his exchange inbox on the computer he uses in the office.

    I suspect this is because when an email is sent from one of the users n the office, it sends using the local domain address i.e. [email protected].

    How would I be able to rectify this?

    Note: The server does not use exchange as a full mail server, instead the server has POP3 Connector setup to link to a pop3 email server.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Internal Email Problem

    it's because Exchange is authoritative for te domain.

    So, when person1 in the office sends an email, it goes to the exchange server, which says "oh hi, I'm authoritative for this, so I'll just deliver it locally immediately"

    There is no way around this unfortunately, it's the way it should be. And not becuase it's using domain.local, but becaue you have configured exchange as ""

    possible scenarios to work around this would include instructing the remote users to always use Outlook Web Access, or configuring Outlook Anywhere.

    I would not recommend configuring remote users to connect into your network with POP3, unless at the very least it is secured pop3 = when you have a spare moment, fire up wireshark, and capture a pop3 session then review what it captures to understand why,.
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      Re: Internal Email Problem

      I understand setting up exchange POP3 would come with risks and i would like to avoid it. Having said that, instructing the users to use outlook web access is not desired as clients want to use ms outlook.

      Since the server is not setup with an internet domain name poitning to it and is setup with only an wan IP Address, would i still be able connect the clients to outlook anywhere?

      And is there any other workarounds?


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        Re: Internal Email Problem

        Registering a hostname should be easy enough if you already have a public domain name anyway.

        I'd recommend finding a consultant who can come in and setup OA for you if you wanted to go that way.
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          Re: Internal Email Problem

          If the clients are on Outlook and the server has a permanent internet connection then there is no reason whatsoever to use POP3. Outlook Anywhere is the way to go.
          You will need a host name, and a commercial SSL certificate, but that will cost you less than $70 for the SSL certificate.
          You can also ditch the POP3 connector and use Exchange as it was designed, SMTP delivery, which will provide you with a much better email service.

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            Re: Internal Email Problem

            Thanks everyone.

            Just an update, I ended up installing a trusted SSL and used Outlook Anywhere for the clients.