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Create Mailbox across domain trust

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  • Create Mailbox across domain trust

    Ok, here's the scenerio.

    There's a Domain A and Domain B.

    There's a two way trust between Domain A and Domain B.

    Domain A has Exchange 2007.

    Domain B has Lotus Notes.

    Would it be possible to create a mailbox on the Exchange server in Domain A for a user account in Domain B?
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    Re: Create Mailbox across domain trust

    Account = mailbox.
    Exchange doesn't know anything about trusts. Trusts are just an authentication method. Therefore you will need to create an account in the domain that has Exchange installed, then add permissions for the trusted domain account to that new account. It will need Full Mailbox Access and Send As.

    The fact that the trusted domain is running Lotus Notes is completely irrelevant.

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