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  • Exchange cached mode

    Hi All,

    We have exchange 2007 with outlook 2007 SP2.
    today for the second time for the same user, we found that the user profile (OST) is no being updated.
    when canceling cache mode and restarting outlook all seems to be ok.
    when we returning it back to cache mode the profile still showing the 'not update' profile.

    Any ideas?
    for the meantime as a temp solution I've created a new outlook profile, the new profile is working ok.
    it's the second time it's happening to the same user so I can't re-create every two weeks...

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    Re: Outlook 2007 chash mode profile is not updated

    so you've recreated the outlook profile, and the problem went away.
    You mention that you don't want to do this every two weeks.. have you had to do it again since you initially recreated the outlook profile?

    Does this user often use alternative computers, or always the same computer?
    Do you use roaming user profiles ? (as distinct from outlook profiles)
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      Exchange cached mode

      Dear All,
      We have Exchange 2007 SP2 with outlook 2007 SP2.
      we have issues with cached mode.

      For couple of users we having outlook cached mode problem.
      The problem is that cached mode is not sync to the exchange.
      Changes on shared calendars /inbox changes (link reading emails mark) are not showed on cached mode.
      When changing the setting to non-cached mode the calendar profile is showing the right details and all seems to be synced and ok.

      I had this problem before with two users and the solution was to delete the OST or creating a new outlook profile, but this issue seems to be back after 3-4 weeks. So it recurring itself.
      I have tried to disable all add-ins to try to avoid profile recreating again. But that didnít helped..
      Please help.
      any idea?


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        Re: Outlook 2007 chash mode profile is not updated

        thank you for reply.

        I've created the new profile before two days and until now all is ok.
        the user useing the same computer all the time and we do not using roaming profiles.



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          Re: Exchange cached mode

          Two threads basically asking the same question merged.

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