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Message Headers Downloading into Sync Issues Folder (Exchange 2007)

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  • Message Headers Downloading into Sync Issues Folder (Exchange 2007)


    First off, I am sorry if this is alittle confushing, as its confushing me...

    We have a SBS2008 Server with Exchange 2007 that was working happly, The server admin went on hoildays and now the email stopped* working. All the diagnostic tools say everything is happy, exchange is downloading the mail, moving it to the users mail box, and then moves it too the Sync Issue/Server Faults folder. You can actuly watch it (via OWA) apper and disapper.

    Now, for some details. The Users are using Cached Exchange, so I asked a user to disable it, and tested. The Test Message went to her inbox, but she was unable to read any more then the header of the message.

    We have checked the Blacklists, checked the DNS settings, Checked the ports, and secruity of the server. We are running dry on ideas and time. If anyone has any ideas, thoughts or wants more info, please feel free to ask.

    Good to be back....

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    Re: Message Headers Downloading into Sync Issues Folder (Exchange 2007)

    Are you using any third party Spam filter or AV software on the server? If so, try disabling it and see what happens.


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      Re: Message Headers Downloading into Sync Issues Folder (Exchange 2007)

      Sorry, forgot to mention that, yes they are using Symantec Endpoint Protection and SMSMSE Anti Spam. We have disabled all the services, and done everything possible (short of uninstalling it) to disable it, and it did not resolve the problem.

      To add a thought on, I feel this has more to do with outlook then with Exchange, its just affecting all users. There is a possibilty that all the users are using outlook on a Term Server, but this is not confirmed yet (users dont know, cant contact admin since we thought about it).

      Also, we did manage to get it working for a few hours after we changed one of the Exchange DNS servers from its server name to its FQDN. Nether of us could work out how that got it working again, but as it was friday night at that point, we left it. It broken again saturday morning (I am still not sold that the name change made a difference).

      One more thing to add, I created a new Mailbox, has the same problems. Cannot seem to get anything other then the headers to DL.

      Thanks for your help,

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      Good to be back....


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        Re: Message Headers Downloading into Sync Issues Folder (Exchange 2007)

        When it comes to AV and other products that are integrated in to Exchange, disabling them is not enough. You must remove them and reboot the machine.

        Furthermore, I work on the basic principle that where there is a problem with Exchange and a Symantec product is installed, then the Symantec product is the cause of the problem, until shown otherwise by its complete removal.

        Therefore I only have one piece of advice here, remove the Symantec AV and Antispam product, and reboot. You will most likely find that the server runs quicker and its problems go away.

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