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  • Autodiscover security prompt

    Me again

    Ok, so I have 1 laptop that is not joined to the domain.

    Outlook Anywhere works but when opening outlook the old domain mismatch security warning pops up.

    I have a single domain cert for, but Outlook is looking for, hence the mismatch.

    Getting a unifed cert is not possible. Clients wont pay :s Instead they pay me to try get round it lol.

    I tested this using my own Outlook last night and it worked without prompting this, which is strange. I also manage other clients with a similar setup (my own network included) and I dont get this.

    I understand from reading why its happening, I just dont know why its happening to this one laptop.

    I looked up a MS Article about changing the autodiscover URL to something else, which included about 5 Exchange Shell commands to run. After the first command, the rest dont work, and nothing has changed functionality wise.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Autodiscover security prompt

    Outlook connects to a number of URLs by default. Those cannot be changed. is NOT one of them.

    The only way that you can avoid using a UC certificate is to remove, ensure that there is no SSL certificate on the root site ( and you are not using anywhere AND the DNS provider supports SRV records.

    If all of those are not possible, then you will have to use a UC certificate.
    When you can purchase UC certificates for less than $70/year, it is cheaper to go that way than pay someone to work out how to get round it.

    While you can change the URLs in Exchange, that will only apply to domain clients. Non domain clients will not apply, because autodiscover doesn't know about them, and cannot find them until AFTER autodiscover has taken place.

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      Re: Autodiscover security prompt

      Hi Simon I was hoping you'd stop by

      I understand what you are saying, and it is the same everywhere else I read.

      But then I dont understand how its working without this security prompt on my own SBS2008 box and also another client's one?

      Same setup in all cases - Outlook 2007, SBS2008, and single domain SSL Cert.

      My home PC is not part of the domain and I dont get the securoty prompt, same with my laptop.

      This is where I'm confused!