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Mail queue issue in edge server

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  • Mail queue issue in edge server


    We have install the edge server in our DMZ, open requierd ports, create edgse sync and now mail flow are working fine internally and externally. My problme is after 3-4 hours i am see lot's of queues in my outgoing connector and it take much more time to deliver. When i open the queue there are some mails are ready and some active. In the mean time incoming mails are receiving very frequently.

    I am also see the error 4.2.2 connection dropped.

    If i sent a test mail to my gmail ID it take 15-20 minutes but sent the mail from gmail it recivied wihtin 1 minutes.

    Please help me how can i troublehoot the mail delay and dns issue.

    We have exchange 2007 sp2 rollup 4 on both hub, mail and egde server. In my edge server we have 1 LAN card and the IP NAT with public IP.

    My question is Edge server is able to send the mail more than 3-4 MB, because it take much more time to delieved and rest the mails are in queue.


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    Re: Mail queue issue in edge server

    Which type of internet connection are you using? Do you have the the same bandwidth for up- and downstream?

    Exchange 2007 is capable to handle much more then 3-4 MB mails depending yo your settings and the network connection.

    The 4.4.2 can come from RBLs or other anti-spam features like greylisting.
    To help with troubleshooting you have to provide a little bit more information.