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Free/Busy Info on Exchange 2007

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  • Free/Busy Info on Exchange 2007

    We have a mixed environment of EX2007 and EX2000.

    I have set on the Exchange 2000 that the Ex2007 server is to be replicated to for OAB, Free/Busy.

    But how can I test/check that the information has been replicated over to ex2007, and if it has, what will happen when I remove Ex2000 server will Ex2007 still generate the Free/Busy info?



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    Re: Free/Busy Info on Exchange 2007

    During part of the transition you select to move the OAB to Exchange 2007, if I remember correctly. Do a search for transition to Exchange 2007 on the Petri forum and it should bring up some documents worth reviewing.


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      Re: Free/Busy Info on Exchange 2007

      For the OAB I would simply create a new one on Exchange 2007, not worth the time to go through the pain of public folder replication for this.
      If the Schedule Free/Busy folder is replicated you can check with:
      get-publicfolder "\IPM_NON_SUBTREE" -recurse | get-publicfolderstatistics. If the folder have content replication is working.
      And yes, Exchange 2007 will still provide the data depending on the Outlook version you are using since Outlook 2007 and 2010 are not using the folder anymore.
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        Re: Free/Busy Info on Exchange 2007

        This is also worth reviewing.

        Before you complete the steps of fully removing Exchange 2000 from the domain, power the Exchange 2000 server off for a day or two and verify that there isn't an issue.