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  • Accepted Domains Exchange 2007

    Hi I have an accepted domain setup for a person who works for a 3rd party company here. This has been working no problem for sometime and up to now that person has been the only person on that domain.

    For the purpose of anonomity we'll call the domain ""

    The situation has now changed where there are now 3 more users set up on this domain who do not have email addresses at our company. When you email to one of the new address at "" it treats it as internal email and bounces back as undeliverable (obviously that person does not exist in our GAL).

    This is obviously because the Accepted domain is set up as Authoritive. If I set the accepted domain up as Internal or external relay it is going to redirect any incoming mail. How do I keep the Accepted domain setup the same but be able to send to an address at the same domain and have the address checker not treat is as internal email?

    Hope this makes sense - any help appreciated.


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    Re: Accepted Domains Exchange 2007

    Hmm, if you want to keep the setup for Accepted domains the same it could be a difficult task.

    You have to force the 3rd party company to setup a domain for routing purposes only. Then you can create contacts for the 3 people with a forwarding address with the routing domain and you have to create a Send Connector with that address space included.

    But the intresting question is: If you are not responsible for the domain "" why do you have a user with this address in your organisation?

    If I would be tasked with this I would simply change the domain to internal or external relay depending on the setup of your orgainsation and how you are able to reach that 3rd party company, create a appropriate send connector and the contacts.


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      Re: Accepted Domains Exchange 2007

      Sounds like you are trying to share the SMTP address space with another server.
      I would suggest that you start with this article on Technet:

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        Re: Accepted Domains Exchange 2007

        Thx Mate. Long story as to why this person is on our network, happened before my time! Changed Accepted Domain to Internal Relay Domain and set up send connector for this domain, think its resolved! fingers crossed no delivery failure yet - waiting for confirmation of reciept and delivery to come back