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Exchange 2010 management console problems after domain rename

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  • Exchange 2010 management console problems after domain rename

    I've been working with MS support (both directory services and exchange teams) since last Friday on changing our internal domain name. I knew it was risky, but it had to be done because of internal politics. MS at least initially felt we had a good chance of completing the project and as willing to support this endeavor. Everything appears to be working within Exchange (relaying mail, active sync, owa, outlook anywhere, public folders), except the Exch Management Console. Last night the exchange team stopped supporting me as this isn't a supported configuration (renaming a domain). I asked the engineer and his manager, Why stop now? You guys have been involved in this since the beginning. I wouldn't have even started the process had I know how this would end! Now I'm left to my own resources to get things working. If I could buy whoever is able to help me out with this problem a nice dinner with a spouse or friend, I would gladly do it, and it would be a pittance for the assistance.

    That being said, we have are two 2008R2 servers, one running Exchange 2010, and the non-Exchange server is the DC. Pretty much every where you navigate within the Exchange console pops up error messages, and they all start with the same message: "Unable to find 'DC.olddomain.local' computer information in domain controller 'DC.olddomain.local' to perform the suitability check. Verify the fully qualified domain name. It was running the command ..." I can run most commands that pop up when accessing the console within the management shell just fine.

    Does anyone have a clue as to where I might look to change DC.olddomain.local to DC.newdomain.local ? Google didn't have anything significant, and I've look through the registry and made a few changes that referred to the old domain controller and rebooted. No change, though. I've looked through adsiedit, and if it's there, I likely overlooked it.

    As a side note, the directory services engineer said that everything looks good on his end, including DNS.

    I see now I should have uninstalled Exchange before starting the process, and I'm certainly not confident Exchange will even properly uninstall now. That's why I hired the experts, though.

    Thanks for all responses.

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    Re: Exchange 2010 management console problems after domain rename

    I can't believe I just found a solution. Inside the management console, I selected "Add Exchange Forest", entered the appropriate information, and I don't get any errors. It appears everything is working. I'm sure a few things will pop up here and there, but I feel as if I'm on the tail end.



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      Re: Exchange 2010 management console problems after domain rename

      I was just going to say that - Do I get a free dinner

      Well done on finding the solution and I hope everything works out for you. I'd just like to say that you have more balls than me as there is no way I would do a domain rename (Probably even with the help from MSFT) Far too risky.

      Good luck

      Michael Armstrong
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        Re: Exchange 2010 management console problems after domain rename

        Just have to say that I wouldn't have done a domain rename either. Internal politics or not. If they insisted on the domain being renamed, then I would have outlined the worst case scenario, which is a completely new Forest, with a cross forest migration, and not even mentioned the domain rename capability. If some smart alec found out it could be done even in theory, then the business would have to sign off on the potential total failure of the process and the associated downtime of a domain rebuild.

        I am surprised that Microsoft supported you doing the process, you must either have got lucky, or be a large customer. The usual rule is that where Exchange is involved, you don't rename domains.

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