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exchange 2003 - 2007 routing

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  • exchange 2003 - 2007 routing


    We currently run Exchange 2003 at our main office in the UK. All new offices opended must run Exchange 2007.

    All pre requestuve have been met for the the two exchange versions to co exist.

    Our first remote office in France runs exchange 2007 and mail flows between France(2007) and th UK (2003) correctly.

    We now have a second remote office in Dubai runing 2007. Any mail sent between Dubai and the UK tries to route through France using the legacy routing group connector created when exchange 2007 was installed amd fails.

    if I create a second routing group connector between Dubai and the UK mail flows correctly between thses two countires but then mail between UK and France fails as it trys to route through Dubai.

    Can anyone explain where i am going wrong

    Thnaks in advance
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    Re: exchange 2003 - 2007 routing

    Nothing is going wrong. What you are seeing is what i would expect to see.
    Exchange only really wants a single connection between Exchange 2007 and 2003.

    Your best option would be to place a Hub Transport server with the Exchange 2003 environment. It will then route in to Exchange 2007 locally and then use the AD link information to find its way to the correct server.

    The only way that might work without an additional server is to have both Exchange 2007 servers in the same RGC, but I haven't tried that myself. I have always had a locally located hub transport/CAS server.

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      Re: exchange 2003 - 2007 routing

      Thanks for the advice Sembee

      I will place a hub transport server in the 2003 environment