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OWA exchange and using the dns name as a binding

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  • OWA exchange and using the dns name as a binding

    ok so far this looks like it is by design but i just want to be sure.

    with OWA in exchange, be default the transport service binds the FQDN of the exchange server to the OWA default site, I believe it uses this FQDN to communicate winRM data between the services on port 80.
    because of such if i add a second binding to the site that is not the FQDN but a dns entry.
    for example.
    default binding "SERVERNAME.DOMAIN.COM"
    dns entry for mail server MAIL.DOMAIN.COM

    now if i add the DNS name as a binding to OWA so i can use this for end users to access webmail, it essentiall breaks the winRM connection data, because of such whenever you try to do certain tasks in ECP or access information in the EMC it fails cause it cant determine the name of the server.
    now the way around this is to use all additional bindings on HTTPS only, however this means i need a certificate even for internal use if i want to use the dns name for owa.

    can anyone let me know if this is correct.. is there another way to do this.. is this wrong? i dont know..
    Thanks guys.


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    Re: OWA exchange and using the dns name as a binding

    Why are you putting a host name on the default web site?
    If you are using SSL it will not work anyway.

    Get a SAN/UC certificate and just point everything at the default web site with no host name configured. Nothing is broken internally and all names can be used by the users.

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