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  • Keep deleted items


    We have setting "Keep deleted items" configured to 14 days. Is there any way that I can force delete all this messages instantly? I would like to have them for 14 days, but lets say from today on


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    Re: Keep deleted items

    So if I understand correctly, you would like to delete everything that is in your mailbox prior to today ?


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      Re: Keep deleted items

      No, I think he would like to empty deleted items permanently, then set a 14 day retention for the future
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        Re: Keep deleted items

        ahh, apologies =) Misread the first part.


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          Re: Keep deleted items


          Sorry if I written unreasonable...

          Yes Ossian, something like that... I came to solution...
          I will set retention period to 0. Then I will wait 1 day for online maintenance to finish its job...
          After everything cleaned and cleared, I will set it back to 14 days...

          I deleted for 13GB of mail so I have 13GB whitespace. Now I have to clean up all mails from deleted items and all mails from database that are still there (I don`t want to wait 14 days).

          Then I will:
          a) Offline defrag
          b) Create new database and move mailboxes

          So I can gain 13GB of whitespace back and save some storage and backup time

          I hope I think correctly


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            Re: Keep deleted items

            Why offline defrag?
            Waste of time and completely unnecessary.

            Simply create a new database, move mailbox and then drop the original.

            As far as I am concerned, the Offline Defrag process is completely redundant with Exchange 2007 and higher. I can think of no single reason why it should be run.

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