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  • Ex2007 anon relay


    I am struggling to get anon relay working on Exchange 2007 for our MFD's

    I have created new receive connector.

    Network tab

    Local : All available IPv4 : 25
    Remote :

    Auth tab

    Only TLS ticked

    Permissions tab

    Anonymous users

    I have restarted the transport service but the MFD comes up with a error in doing the transfer

    I have followed the following guides trying to get this to work:

    Plus a document sent to us by the company who manages our MFD's

    Can someone help please



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    Re: Ex2007 anon relay

    What order does Exchange apply the receive connectors?

    Trying to get this annoymous relay to work, I have Client MAILSRV1, Default MAILSRV1, Multifunctions.

    Both the Default and Client have the Remote Servers set to - will this take precidnece over the multifunction address range which is




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      Re: Ex2007 anon relay

      First of all the Default and the Client receive conectors are for different purposes. If you look (through Powershell) at the settings you will notice that both connectors use different ports, while the default receive connector is responsible for SMTP traffic in general the Client receive connector is responsible to handel outgoing mails from POP3 clients for instance.

      In order to have a anon relay receive connector change the seetings you have put on your newly created receive connector from your first post to include:
      - at Authentication Tab - Externally Secured only checked
      - at Permission Groups Tab - Anonymous and Exchange Servers checked.

      In order to check your settings you should put different FQDNs at your receive connectors for instance mx.domain.local at the Default and relay.domain.local at your relay receive connector. Make sure to include the used names in the installed certificate.

      Regarding your questions from the second post, Exchange uses the more specific settings first.


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        Re: Ex2007 anon relay

        Right I got it working, and I hold my hands up and its my own dumb ass fault.

        Internally points to mailsrv3 which is our FBA CAS server it has no other roles other than being a CAS.

        mailsrv1 is the HUB/MBX server, so of course you can see where I am going with this. When I tested pointed at mailsrv1 surprisingly it worked.

        So thanks for the help