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Outgoing Only Exchange 2010 in DMZ

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  • Outgoing Only Exchange 2010 in DMZ

    What's the simplist way to setup an Exchange 2010 box for outgoing emails only?

    No. Not for spamming, but for our SaaS applications to send their reminders and notifications.

    I could just continue to use the corporate email server as the smart host, but since our web apps only send - never receive - I thought I could keep their traffic separate and setup rules to reject all incoming email.

    It also means I can work on one email system without affecting the other.

    I'd like to keep the box in the DMZ and just setup the mail forwarding rules, but I don't think 2010 can be installed outside a forest. Perhaps install a DC on the same box with a one-way trust? But that's more complicated than I would like.

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    Re: Outgoing Only Exchange 2010 in DMZ

    Don't use Exchange.
    Waste of a licence. Just use a Windows 2003/2008 system with SMTP installed. Job done.

    Exchange 2007 or higher in a DMZ is not a supported combination.

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      Re: Outgoing Only Exchange 2010 in DMZ

      You know Simon, I had completely forgotten that Windows includes a SMTP service.

      Makes perfect sense. And a hardened Windows Server 2008 Core deployment would be just fine.

      Thanks for reminding me that simple solutions exist.

      Hmm. Maybe I'll just use a Linux distro with SendMail. Save even more Yen that way.