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Consolidate 2k7sp2 Servers

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  • Consolidate 2k7sp2 Servers

    We have 2 exchange 2007 sp2 server running on win2k3 r2 sp2

    We want to consolidate the servers into one server.
    they were both installed as w2k3 r2 sp2 and exch 2k7sp2 setups with typical install settings

    server 1 has all the transport services and the ssl certificate on it.
    server 2 has public folders and all our mailboxes.

    also to note we were migrating from ex2k3 sp2 and are at final stages of that.. just need to remove connectors and uninstall software.

    i want to move all roles for server 1 to server 2 how do i do that?

    any suggestions would be helpful thanks to all who reply...

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    Re: Consolidate 2k7sp2 Servers

    If you used typical setup for both servers the second server should have all needed Exchange roles to act also as a CAS/HT server.

    So for the second server you have to:
    - install the SSL certificate.
    - configure Client Access role.
    - configure the receive connectors.
    - set as a bridgehead server in the send connectors.
    - check IP address settings for incoming and outgoing SMTP traffic
    - check OAB distribution.
    - probably more steps depending on your environment which I'm not aware of right now.

    For removing the Exchange 2003 server. Assuming all connectors, mailboxes and public folder are moved here is what I would do:
    - delete the routing group connector between E2k3 and E2k7 using powershell
    - delete the RUS for domain and enterprise using ADSI edit
    - move the public folder hierachy folder to the E2k7 administrative group using E2k3 ESM
    - delete the mailbox store(-s) at the E2k3 box
    - delete the public folder store at the E2k3 box
    - uninstall Exchange 2003
    - clean up the administrative group of E2k3 using ADSI edit but don't delete it
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      Re: Consolidate 2k7sp2 Servers

      i have done some of these already.. it was a bit disjointed but do you have specific links.. I am kind of weary messing around in the AD..


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        Re: Consolidate 2k7sp2 Servers

        For which part do you need links? My answer is based on my experiences this means I haven't any links specifically regarding to your questions, but you can look up at technet for instant.

        Themes would be configuring Hub-Transport, Client Access and so on.

        Regarding on how to decomission Exchange 2003 there are plenty of documentations around the web. Here is one of this:


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          Re: Consolidate 2k7sp2 Servers

          ok thanks a bunch for you helpi will let you know how i make out