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  • exchagne 2010 secondary server


    I have installed Exchagne 2010 in one location and configured mail boxs
    All looks good and works perfect.
    i then installed another exchange server in a different location but when i create an outloo profile it resolves the user name from the 1st mail server and not from the second site. so both the locations use the first exchagne server as a CAS server.

    Kindly advice how do i change this according to the location


    Ruevin Misquitha

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    Re: exchagne 2010 secondary server

    Do you have the CAS role on both servers?
    Is the new mailbox definitely on the second server?

    I would suggest,( and sembee may come along and point out how wrong i am...:P) that you should have 2 mailbox servers and 1 CAS server...
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      Re: exchagne 2010 secondary server

      Hi There,

      First off what roles are on both servers?

      Are these exchange nodes on different subnets?

      If so,

      Do you have AD site and services configured (sites and subnet association)?

      You need to have a CAS on each available site that contains a mailbox server. If a user logs on to a different site the CAS in the site will redirect the RPC connection to the CAS where the mailbox of the user resides.

      You also need to associate the database with the CAS

      Set-MailboxDatabase <name of DB> -RpcClientAccessServer “FQDN of CAS”

      The article below talks about CAS array using a HLB but this is the same process even if you do not set up an array. I had the samething happen in my test lab. I had to CAS and i demoted one; however my test users were still trying to access the demoted CAS until i associated the DB with the other CAS

      Remember if you have a server that has the CAS HUB and Mailbox role you cannot use NLB and DAGs at the same time. Also a CAS array cannot span 2 sites in AD sites and services
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        Re: exchagne 2010 secondary server

        that's really helpful, thanks jamie123

        I guess I was sort of on track
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