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Exchange 2010 Requirements?

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  • Exchange 2010 Requirements?

    I want to upgrade my 2003 exhcange to
    widnwos 2008 r2 with exchange 2010
    have 2 server with 2010 and mailbox Resiliency

    Does the wndows 2008 need to be enterprise or is it fine if both are standerd and the exhcange is standerd edtion?

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    Re: Exchange 2010 Requirements?

    there server itself should be fine as a Standard edition.

    the choice for Ex2010 depends on what requirements you have. It would be best for you to review those and make a decision for yourself. For instance, I could tell you that Ex2010 standard is fine.. but then you might realise you want a cluster..

    this may help
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      Re: Exchange 2010 Requirements?

      Hmm, if mailbox resilency means a DAG you need Windows 2008 Enterprise since the DAG features also the cluster services which aren't a part of standard W2k8.

      Regarding Exchange version the only question is how much databases you need. If 5 databases are enough you can run standard with no problem since DAG is also possible with standard Exchange 2010.