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Email not being delivered to alt domain

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  • Email not being delivered to alt domain

    We have two domains for email and is our primary domain and this is working fine, is a domain used for our online store, however although we have an accepted domain policy for we are not receiving any emails on it, nor are we getting any bounce backs or undeliverable's.

    Currently our email is still coming into the Exchange 2000 server and then getting bounced across to the Exchange 2007 server. Is there something I have not done? or can I see if these messages are waiting some where?



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    Re: Email not being delivered to alt domain

    Have you got an MX record set up and configured for mail to be directed to the same place as domain1?

    Have you added the domain to Exchange 2000 recipient policy so it is accepted?

    Try running a telnet test to the server and sending to a domain2 email address

    You can check the queues on Exchange 2000 to see if they are empty (Servers/Server/Protocols/SMTP/SMTP virtual servers/SMTP virtual server/Queues/Queue) and do the same on 2007 (Toolbox --> Queue Viewer)

    Also look in message tracking, which will be enabled on 2007 by default, but will not be on 2000, so you will need to enable it first before it starts to record activity.



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      Re: Email not being delivered to alt domain

      Thanks for replying.

      Yes MX is all setup as this has worked fine for over a year with users on the 2000 system, it is only when they were moved over to 2007 has it stopped.

      I have done the telnet test from both the 2000 and 2007 environment and the email arrives.

      There is nothing in the queue waiting to come across to the 2007 server, I will look at the message tracking which I think we have enabled on the 2000 box anyway



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        Re: Email not being delivered to alt domain

        So if you run a telnet test from outside the network and send to an ex-2000 user it goes through without any issues?

        Also check any anti-spam software you might be using, the quarantine, as usually if you get no bounce back, this can indicate its been caught by anti-spam software (especially if a simple telnet test gets through)