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public calendar in exchange 2k7sp2

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  • public calendar in exchange 2k7sp2

    we have exchange 2k7 sp2 on win 2k3 R2 sp2...

    We had web enabled public folders through our intranet that users can just click on and make appointments. when we moved ou public folders off off ex2k3 sp2 to ex2k7sp2 these folders broke. We are trying to figure out ho this can work again with out getting prompted for the owa login to public folders.

    Please any help would be great.

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    Re: public calendar in exchange 2k7sp2

    I'm sure Sembee or Daniel can confirm but I think I had this issue when I hadn't changed the default public folder store on the mailbox store.

    To do this in EMC,
    Server Management -> Mailbox -> right-click on the mailbox database and select properties -> click on the Client Settings tab and verify that the default Public Folder database is correct.

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      Re: public calendar in exchange 2k7sp2

      it is correct... i want to publish a public calender in exchange 2k7 to my intranet without a popup prompt.

      are there any suggestions?


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        Re: public calendar in exchange 2k7sp2

        Sounds like pass through authentication isn't working.
        That can be down to the authentication settings in OWA.

        However it can also be down to the browser settings. If you are accessing the URL with server.domain.local then IE might be treating it as an Internet URL, and that doesn't support pass through authentication on default settings.

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