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Exchange 2007 Message Routing

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  • Exchange 2007 Message Routing

    Any help on this one much appreciated.

    Until recently our organisation consisted of 1 site (Site A) and 1 E2K3 server that sent outbound email through a firewall to our DMZ where a front end server (myOWAserver) would send the mail onto external domains.

    Due to growth, we moved into a second site (Site B). I’ve built a E2K7 mailbox server and a E2K7 Hub transport server that is also the client access server. The problem I have is the Hub Transport Server cannot get through the firewall to communicate to myOWAserver server in the DMZ so I need to route all outbound email from the new E2k7 server via the legacy E2k3 server which in turn will pass the outbound mail through the firewall and out to the web (and vice versa).

    How do apply this configuration? Within the E2k7 management console the SMTP send connector “source server” is set to myOWAserver. I feel like I should change this however this is a Organization configuration and so will it not change the e2k3 config also?

    Thanks Guys.

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    Re: Exchange 2007 Message Routing

    Hmm, this should work by design. Sounds like all three servers are part of the same Exchange organization, so your current setup should look something like:
    1 SMTP connector with " * " and the OWAserver as bridgehead set
    2 routing groups in E2k3 connected through a Routing Group Connector

    The setup of the E2k7 box should have asked you to which E2k3 box it should connect, hopefully you have chosen the E2k3 backend server. If this was the case there should exist a Routing Group Connector between E2k7 and E2k3 (visible with get-routinggroupconnector or E2k3 ESM).
    And thats it, E2k7 would use the existing routing structure to sent mails, if this isn't working right now something was changed and have to be corrected.


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      Re: Exchange 2007 Message Routing

      Any Exchange role except for Edge is not supported in a DMZ. Therefore if you have a CAS server in the DMZ you are in a non-supported configuration. You have also removed any security of the DMZ to get it to work.

      The simple answer to this is that the Hub Transport server than can see the server in the DMZ is set as the bridgehead. However if the server in the DMZ is indeed an Exchange server, then you are not going to get this to work, because you should not set another Exchange server as a smart host. That will cause problems.

      Your issue is basically poor design. Simple as that. I am hoping your are incorrect in having an OWA server (CAS) in the DMZ. If not, then you need to correct it, because you are working with Exchange in a way that it is not designed to, and as such will not find a reliable solution.

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