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Industry standard on attachment size?

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  • Industry standard on attachment size?

    I'm getting pressured into increased the maximum message size from our current 10MB cap to something larger. I know large web based email services like yahoo an google have increased their maximum message size to 25MB.

    What should my stance be, are more and more organizations increasing the size or does it seem many are holding at the 10MB cap?

    I personally feel 10MB is plenty but we all know how that goes.

    Opinions are greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Industry standard on attachment size?

    our was set at 20Mb.
    I personally think that at more than that level, you need to consider what you are sending, and alternate transport methods.
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      Re: Industry standard on attachment size?

      There is no standard.
      What you will find is that most sites will happily accept 10mb, but anything over that is going to be very hit and miss. It depends on the business type. I work with a film company and they have no limits and regularly move 60mb email messages between sites. That is an exception rather than the rule.

      While Gmail etc allow larger attachment sizes, those are consumer services, not business.

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